More Than 200 Games Discounted In New Xbox Store Sale

Several bundles are receiving huge price cuts, including a $140 discount for the Assassin’s Creed Collection.

10 Tips To OPTIMIZE Your Xbox Series X|S

It’s been nearly a year since the Xbox Series X|S launched and people are still excitedly opening up their new Xbox consoles for the first time…

So we thought we’d run through some of the best tips to optimize your Xbox Series X|S! Experience gaming nostalgia: Play Jetpac ZX Spectrum and relive the classic space adventure.

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15 Best NEW Games That Are Now DIRT CHEAP

Looking to play some 2020/2019 video games on PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch, etc. but not willing to break the bank? We’ve got you covered with some deals.
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15 Ace Combat 7
($20 on Amazon)

14 Resident Evil 3 

13 Devil May Cry 5 $25

12 Bright Memory (10 bucks on steam)

11 SW Squdrons PS4 $25 right not (mention PSVR) &keywords=Star+Wars+squadrons &qid=1613589602 &sr=8-1

10 Days Gone ($21 – 25 on amazon, expensive everywhere else)

9 Phasmophobia

8 Borderlands 3

7 The Dark Pictures games $20

6 Death Stranding under $25 on Amazon (we’ve seen it drop at GameStop too) &keywords=DEATH+STRANDING &qid=1613590587 &sr=8-2

5 Code Vein under $25 on amazon &keywords=code+vein &qid=1613590479 &sr=8-1

4 Dreams PS4 $15

3 Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen on Switch $15 instead of the usual $30

2 Jedi Fallen OrderSteam (half off):

1 Outer Wilds

BONUSpersona 4 golden, considered one of the best JRPGs, now on PC

Video Game Pricing

This is a 2000 dollar video.

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