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StarCraft II: War Chest

War Chest: BlizzCon 2017 introduces more than 70 new items (spread across three phases), including sprays, emoticons, exclusive portraits, and StarCraft II’s first army-wide skins, all for a steeply discounted price.

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Each War Chest begins with a single unit skin and an exclusive portrait. Additional skins are divided into three phases, and can be unlocked by playing Multiplayer or Co-op matches during or after the corresponding phase, until by the end of the challenge you have a full set. Your initial purchase also grants awesome rewards in other Blizzard titles. Check out the full details URL LINK TO SITE

25% of all War Chest purchases go directly to StarCraft II esports. The first $200K will be added to the $500K BlizzCon 2017 prize pool, with any surplus contributing to StarCraft II event production.


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StarCraft II – War Chest: BlizzCon 2019

Ally with the Tyrador Terran, unleash the Cerberus Zerg, discover the secrets of the Ihan-rii Protoss, or obtain all their skins and more at once with the War Chest: BlizzCon 2019 Complete Bundle!

Purchasing the War Chest Complete Bundle grants you a special random race loading screen in StarCraft II, plus a Tal’darim Probe Pet in Diablo III, a Hearthstone Classic Card Pack, and a Heroes of the Storm rare Loot Chest. In addition, purchasing any War Chest product will grant you an immediate access to Ranked play! Also, throughout the duration of the War Chest: BlizzCon 2019, players will be able to unlock free rewards, including classic Brood War-inspired skins for the Marine, Zealot, and Hydralisk, with no additional purchase necessary.

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Dragoons vs Immortals, are they a worthy successor? 【Daily StarCraft Brawl】

Watch giant armies battle. Can you predict the outcomes?

Round 1 – 20 Dragoons vs 10 Immortals
Round 2 – 50 Marines and 5 Thors vs 20 Stalkers and 5 Colossi
Round 3 – 500 Marauders vs 150 Ghosts
Round 4 – 16 Zerglings and 5 Hydralisks vs 6 Zealots and 5 Stalkers
Round 5 – 15 Hellbats and 5 Siege Tanks vs 2 Ultralisks and 20 Roaches


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This channel exists to document unit counters within StarCraft 2. Tya’s Unit Tournament features epic battles between units in StarCraft 2, using music from the game’s soundtrack. Units are chosen from Protoss, Terran and Zerg forces, or a coop commander such as Raynor, Nova, Artanis, or Kerrigan. Units will independently use their abilities, in a basic way. All units use Legacy of the Void stats, the same units you’d see in SC2 esports controlled by the likes of Serral, Maru, and ByuN. The resource beneath vespene is the unit’s cost in the mod I run on the SC2 arcade, Direct Strike. Enjoy!